Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Paula - Michigan

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Prostate cancer

Robert - Kansas

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Tumors are gone

Marie-Louise - Indonesia

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Bi-lateral Breast Cancer

Brenda - Massachusetts

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Avoided chemo sickness

Mike - Pennsylvania

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Breast Cancer


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Type II Diabetic

Gail - Texas

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13 Year Old Greyhound on Essiac

Terri - Massachusetts

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Terminal Cancer

Colleen - New Jersey

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Eight-herb essiac formula

The following are letters and emails from essiac users who have contacted us to tell their story about the results they attribute to essiac use.

They have been verified to the best of our ability to represent actual facts and events.

If you have a question or testimonial you wish to share, please write us at

Your privacy is assured.

"My mother was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer on June 23, 2004, she began drinking Essiac tea on June 25th.

Due to the late stage diagnosis (stage IIIb) the doctors recommended she begin chemo right away. BEFORE she had her first chemo, she said it appeared that the tumor was shrinking.

ONE DAY after her first dose-dense chemo the breast specialist agreed that it looked a bit smaller but did not do an ultrasound. FIVE days after her first chemo, the oncologist could barely detect a 3 cm tumor that had been on a lymph node under her left arm. He looked at me with bug-eyes and said, "Didn't she have a tumor on this lymph node?"

An ultra sound revealed that it had shrunk to less than 1 cm, in 5 days! Of course, both the oncologist and the breast specialist credit an "exceptional" response to chemo, but I think I know better. My mother did follow through with 6 rounds of chemo, they wanted her to have eight, but the cancer was completely gone according to the ultrasound, so my mom refused the last two treatments. Both tumors were gone in about 3 months.

My mother took her Essiac faithfully, and still takes maintenance dose. I even take it now and then to clean out my system of toxins, which it is really good for.

I'm happy to report that my mother is alive and doing well, despite the 6 rounds of chemo, 28 treatments of radiation, and a modified mastectomy. And I believe it is due in great part to the herbal effects of Essiac."

Paula - Michigan

"Last February (2007) I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer.

I did some digging on the internet on just about everything from cause and effect to treatments. After doing extensive reading, I came to realize that we are ingesting highly toxic additives, medicines, foods and so on which accumulate in various parts of the body. We ingest so much that it overwhelms or bodies defenses and in turn the deposits activate certain cancerous cells causing an accelerated growth. Many of the toxic ingredients we ingest are known by the FDA to cause exactly what I have described.

I started taking the tea shortly after finding out that I had cancer.

I had a decision to make, should I take the tea for the 5 month detoxification and then check the PSA level, or take it for the two months I had before the treatments started, then check the PSA level before starting my radiation treatments, (8 1/2 weeks). After talking it over with my wife, we decided that I should take the treatments, keep on the detoxification schedule and have the PSA level checked right before treatments started.

After the two months I did have my PSA level checked (on my own accord) and the level had dropped one whole point to the amazement of both my local doctor as well as my oncologist. Both asked what I may have changed in my lifestyle that may have contributed to the latest results. I told them about me taking the tea. Neither of them had heard about the tea and I could see the doubts in their face, but proof is in the pudding as they say.

I continued this detoxification regimen for the recommended 5 months and now I'm back to once daily. I am to get another PSA test done in a couple of weeks and I think it will be good. I now have my wife, my son, daughter and her boyfriend taking the tea also. I have been relaying this sites information as well as my own personal experience to others. I believe this is an honest product and benefits ones health in today's chemical saturated environment."

Update: Yesterday (10/15/07) I had a follow up session with the doctor which he stated that my PSA level is now at 2.4 which is good, he said.

I had started at 5.9 in the beginning before taking the tea.

After 2 months of three times a day it dropped to 4.9

After 5 months of three times a day and radiation treatments of 8 1/2 weeks, then 3 months of once a day of the tea, my PSA went to 2.4.

I expect this trend to continue. I'll always be taking the tea once a day for the rest of my life.

Robert, Kansas

" Mother in Sweden was feeling a lot better when I left, which was a relief for me.

She promised to continue with Essiac, even though she was taking a much smaller dose than recommended. But she was very skeptical about it, she didn't really believe in it and she definitely didn't like the taste of it. She was just expecting the worse at all times, that the tumours would grow and that the cancer would finally kill her.

On the 22nd of July it was time again for her to go to the hospital to make a new big examination under anesthetic. But as the doctor couldn't find anything on the x-ray (like last time) they sent her home again the day after. On the 22nd in the evening I received a mail from my sister saying that the doctors couldn't find any tumours!!! Even the blood tests were good. This is so FANTASTIC!!!

I'd like to thank you very much for your help and advice during these months since I first wrote to you about my Mother. I'm so happy that I could get Essiac for my Mom, which I believe has helped her a great deal to get rid of the cancer.

Marie-Louise, Indonesia

"I was having bi-lateral breast cancer.

A double mastectomy was prescribed because of the..nature of the cancer. I opted to have a lumpectomy with lymph nodes removed for sampling. There was also cancer found in the tissue surrounding the nodes. Radiation and chemotherapy were recommended; I chose not to do either.

I began treatment with Essiac, 3 oz, 3 times a day, and the hormone therapy Tamoxifan.

"I noticed a general improvement in the way I felt overall. AMAS blood test showed I still had some tumor activity. (a month later), the test was repeated and came back completely normal. I also had a mammogram..which showed no sign of tumors.

"I will continue a maintenance dose of 3 oz of Essiac a day. I have stopped taking the Tamoxifan because of the unknown long-term side effects. I am confident the Essiac is what cured me. I hope and pray it will be available for all those who need it."

Brenda, Massachusetts

"..early April I was diagnosed with non small cell cancer of the left lung...

..there were multiple tumors (two) and it had spread to the lymph nodes in my right side neck... this was devastating news......I immediately went to the internet for info and a very close friend told me about the Essiac tea..I.. found you guys and started the 8 herb tea...

long story short I took the chemo....taxil and carbo platin........ July 2 I went in for head to toe cat report......A remarkable recovery.... only thing left of tumors is very minor calcification and all normal tissue in the lymph nodes..... a truly remarkable situation..........This is my story.....Truly a miracle......Thank you God!!!

...My blood counts never dropped out of normal range....what they did drop they recovered in about ten days back to level of when I got Chemo....never got sick at any time from chemo..... went golfing same day I got chemo....first hour was a little rough from pain but after that it was good."

Mike, Pennsylvania

"In 2005, I went in for a routine physical exam.

A few days later, the doctors office called to inform me that I had Hepatitis C and although I had no symptoms, my Liver Enzymes were 3,500,000. Unfortunately, I had no health insurance to cover the $5000.00 a month treatment to put it into remission . I told my friend Joe my situation and he told me about essiac tea that he takes on a daily basis to maintain his health. I started taking the tea 2-3 times a day.

About 2 years later I went back for a follow up visit to see how my liver was functioning. When I called for my results I could hear the nurses discussing the drastic drop in my enzymes. When I spoke to the nurse she informed me that my enzymes were now 553,000! I advised her that I had been drinking Essiac tea and milk thistle on a daily basis. She tried to push off the thought that with God and essiac tea, my liver function had improved greatly. I will continue to drink essiac for the rest of my life and have recommended it to people that have crossed my path . Thank you for … a natural herb tea that I believe has helped me drastically.

James, Florida

"John and I have been taking the essiac for about two months now and feel that it is making a difference in our wellness.

My husband is a Type II diabetic. He still watches his diet and takes pills as usual, and the last time he had a doctor's appointment - he came out the "Everything is Normal" man.

I have given platelets for cancer patients on a regular basis for many years. To date, that is over 225 times. The only thing that (caused) me to not to be able to give blood was the iron count in my blood (it must be at least 38%). My blood count has been good since starting the essiac.

I'm sure there are more good things, too, but not as noticeable. Thanks so much for this wonderful tea."

Gail, Texas

"We now have two of our 13 year-old greyhounds on essiac.

'Bullet' has out-lived any expectations we ever dreamt of, and his vet is now (beginning) to have faith in essiac.

"We have now brought 'Goldie', Bullet's litter-mate, to the vet. She was showing lack of interest in anything...Of course, we thought she would be put to sleep. When we took her to the vet, he didn't take x-rays, because she was too weak. When he did a physical on her, he found she had a tumor so large it had cut off the pulmonary arteries that sent blood to her hind legs. There was no pulse in either of her hind legs. Veins had actually re-routed themselves to get blood to her legs.

"I started her on essiac (2 weeks on the 13th). We have to give it to her with a baster, 2 times a day, one hour before she eats - and she can eat!

"She eats more now than ever before! She's much more alert and wants attention now. That has been a huge turnaround. She has normal bowel movements, and when she sleeps at night, she sleeps sound again!

"You (gave) our 'Meagan-Lee' an extended 2 years, and we lost her to an altogether different cause. Bullet is two years and going, and now Goldie."

Terri - MA

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Let me tell you our story. Just before Halloween our beloved family dog, Luke (miniature poodle) who we have loved for 12 and a half years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. came from his anal sack, spread to his liver, spleen, etc.

We consulted a veterinary oncologist. She said at this point not even chemotherapy would help him. She told us what signs to look for when the end was near. He was given "a few months".

I heard about Essiac Tea from my boss whose sister was cured of colon cancer after using this tea.

So I searched the net looking for a site that sold it for pets and I found your site. I have been administering the tea to him for a month and a half now and he has shown miraculous improvement. When we started him on the tea he was already showing the signs of the end, no appetite, straining and yelping when defecating, he could not go up or down stairs, seemed confused like he forgot how to poop and pee. His stomach was distended and hard. His tail was tucked under his bottom (For a poodle that's BAD, we thought it was broken in the down position).

One day he was so sick I called my husband to come home from work because we didn't think he would survive the day. After two weeks on the tea he showed little improvements, some increased energy. After 6 weeks now on the tea he is almost back to normal behavior and energy. His appetite is back, he runs up and down the stairs, he takes long walks in the park. No more straining and yelping when he poops. Some loose stools though. He's barking again (He stopped barking for a month) His stomach is softer and his tail is UP most of the time! I am going to continue to give him your tea for the rest of his life. Even if it is not a total cure, it has definitely given him a good quality of life for the time he has left, but I'm still confident he will be cured. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you doesn't seem enough for what your tea has given us. He is our Christmas miracle! May God bless you and your work. You will get your reward in heaven!"

Colleen - NJ

Note: The essiac formula used in our products is the same for all items. The package size is changed to accommodate different dosage levels. All products include brewing and dosage instructions on the package label. All our essiac is in powdered herb form.
We do not sell liquids, tinctures, or tea bags.