Essiac for pets


Dosages vary with the size of your pet, and range from 1/2oz to 2oz of tea per day. Some very large dogs can take 3oz or more. We recommend the following dosages and products, according to your pet's weight:

Pet WeightDosage 
Up to 15lbs (7kg)1/2oz of tea per day (use 1/2oz packets)
15 to 40lbs (7 - 18kg)1/2oz of tea, twice per day (use 1/2oz packets)
40 - 80lbs (18 - 36kg)1oz of tea, twice per day (use 1oz packets)
Over 80lbs2-3oz of tea, twice per day (use 1.3oz packets)

The Problem

Nearly 50% of all pets in North America over age 10 will develop cancer.
Most pet cancers are caused by environmental toxins (pollution, chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, etc)
Many pets also suffer from arthritis and gastrointestinal diseases
Treatment of pets is EXPENSIVE

The Solution - Essiac for Pets

Using essiac for your pets is an effective, lower cost alternative to expensive traditional treatments and drugs. Essiac is safe for pets and works in much the same way it works with people.

Essiac may help your pet's health by:

  • Building immune system strength.
  • Helping the body to destroy benign growths and tumors.
  • Protecting cells against free radicals.
  • Strengthening muscles, organs, and tissues.
  • Removing toxic accumulation in the body, including heavy metals and other environmental toxins.
  • Aiding in bowel detoxification and elimination.
  • Adding strength and flexibility to bones, joints, and lungs.
  • Blood purification.

Disease Prevention

The best medicine is prevention. To help ensure your pet stays healthy, make sure you:

  • Provide regular veterinary examinations to detect disease early.
  • Provide your pet with a healthy diet. Avoid foods with chemical additives!
  • Give your pet plenty of exercise.
  • Give your pet plenty of fresh, filtered water.
  • Avoid using chemical cleaners and sprays in the home. Instead, use natural cleaning products.
  • Avoid exposing your pet to second-hand cigarette smoke.
  • Avoid using pesticides and lawn chemicals where your pet plays.
  • Give your pet plenty of love and attention.
  • Use essiac supplement daily to build your pet's immune system and cleanse toxins from their body.

Methods of Administering Essiac to Pets

Administer one hour before or two hours after a meal whenever possible.
Best method - directly via syringe, eye dropper, turkey baster (large pets) food dish, etc.
Alternative methods - mix with broth (beef, chicken, or fish) or with water; mix with food (if no other method works).

Here is a suggestion from one user that really works:

I began giving my Malamute/Wolf the Essiac mixed with a warm chicken or beef broth. She soon tired of this and refused to take it. I purchased a large syringe from a farm implement store (TSC) - mixed up a new batch of tea - and gave it to her by pulling the cheek back and squeezing it gently into her mouth. To this tea, I added 3 drops of Stevia (per 1/2oz of tea) to sweeten it and I gave it to her cold without broth to reduce the amount of the liquid. I worked well, and she is now drinking it out of a bowl. I put the bowl down and walk away. She always drinks it. If I stay and watch, she won't drink it. Hope this helps someone else. A really frustrating experience is no sweat at all anymore.

- Vonnie, Ontario, Canada

One of our customers shared this with us:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Let me tell you our story. I'll try to be as brief as possible. Just before Halloween our beloved family dog, Luke (miniature poodle) who we have loved for 12 and a half years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It came from his anal sack, spread to his liver, spleen, etc. We consulted a veterinary oncologist. She said at this point not even chemotherapy would help him. She told us what signs to look for when the end was near. He was given "a few months". I heard about Essiac Tea from my boss whose sister was cured of colon cancer after using this tea. So I searched the net looking for a site that sold it for pets and I found your site. I have been administering the tea to him for a month and a half now and he has shown miraculous improvement. When we started him on the tea he was already showing the signs of the end, no appetite, straining and yelping when defecating, he could not go up or down stairs, seemed confused like he forgot how to poop and pee. His stomach was distended and hard. His tail was tucked under his bottom (For a poodle that's BAD, we thought it was broken in the down position). One day he was so sick I called my husband to come home from work because we didn't think he would survive the day. After two weeks on the tea he showed little improvements, some increased energy. After 6 weeks now on the tea he is almost back to normal behavior and energy. His appetite is back, he runs up and down the stairs, he takes long walks in the park. No more straining and yelping when he poops. Some loose stools though. He's barking again (He stopped barking for a month) His stomach is softer and his tail is UP most of the time! I am going to continue to give him your tea for the rest of his life. Even if it is not a total cure, it has definitely given him a good quality of life for the time he has left, but I'm still confident he will be cured. I'll keep you posted. Thank you doesn't seem enough for what your tea has given us. He is our Christmas miracle! May God bless you and your work. You will get your reward in heaven!
Colleen - NJ