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If you have cancer or other serious illnesses, click on one of the High-Dosage Products.

If you wish to use essiac to prevent illness, or you are in remission and need a low-dosage maintenance program, click on one of the Low-Dosage Products.

If you have a pet with cancer, click one of the low dosage or small pet dosage product links.

We have a full line of products - both cost-saving bulk and convenient pre-measured packets.

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High Dosage (clicking links below opens store new window)

ES4000 - Essiac 4oz Packet

ES1600 - Essiac 1lb Bulk Packet                                ES2500 - Essiac 2.5lb Bulk Packet

ES0012 - Essiac (20)-4oz Packets                             ES0014 - Essiac (40)-4oz Packets

Low Dosage & Medium to Large Pets

ES1300 -  Essiac 1.3oz Packet                                   ES1312 -  Essiac (12)-1.3oz Packets 

ES1100 -  Essiac 1oz Packet                                      ES1112  - Essiac (12)-1oz Packets

Small Pets

ES5104   Essiac 1/2oz Packet                                   ES5112 - Essiac (12)-1/2oz Packets

Note: The essiac formula used in our products is the same for all items. The package size is changed to accommodate different dosage levels. All products include brewing and dosage instructions on the package label. All our essiac is in powdered herb form.
We do not sell liquids, tinctures, or tea bags.